Baby M Series Coupe RS, With Engine V8 600 hp

The house special modifications to the German BMW, G-Power has successfully given birth to ‘Baby M Series’ strong performance. With the recent work HURRICANE RS BMW G1 V8 sedan models use variants of the BMW 1 M Coupe which is the smallest variant M Series.

It has been previously reported that this variant, the G-Power cardiac pacemaker implant process is the older sister BMW M3 E92 which uses a V8 engine capacity of 4.0 liters. But not only the engine, but at the same 7 speed automatic transmission system DCT double-clutch, stainless steel exhaust system and front-rear drive shaft owned BMW M3.

For the G-Power adds ASA supercharger and air ducts of aluminum. So that the power generated can now achieve 600 hp with peak torque of 580 Nm.

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