Jun 03

Glasses for water sports

If you like water sports we consider to be well equipped, so it is important to have adequate sunglasses, they can be graded 2012, which will find a variety at Mister Spex.

These are special glasses for water sports that are responsible for protecting the eye from ultraviolet radiation without neglecting its main functionality.

There are models for different activities, such as Puma, is that they are ideal for surfing, Oakley sunglasses are ideal for water sports.

If we wish to make a boat, we recommend sunglasses ray-ban clubmaster, with different mounts and different crystals, these are my stylishly elegant to navigate.

Jun 03

New infrared cameras By Garmin vision

Garmin acquired the company Interphase Technologies, FLS sonar specialist and night vision systems, so that before long we have Interphase technology, integrated with Garmin navigation screens.

The new devices that use this technology will be easier to use and Garmin already working on three new thermal imaging cameras video and low light intensity.

These infrared vision cameras can be operated directly from the new multifunction displays 4000, 5000, 6000 and 7000 without the need to acquire additional monitors.

These new devices installed in our boat use a NMEA 2000 network signals for easy installation of the system, these new thermal cameras GCT 30 and GCT 20 can continue to live on purpose.

Jun 03

New YAMAHA V6 engines

The new V6 engine line, hp F300, F250 and F225 hp YAMAHA CVs have the most advanced technology and safe boat market, they have reduced weight and increased engine torque.

Furthermore, this new range but consumes less fuel V6 performs better, making it the choice for boat outboard.

The new F300 V6 to 4,000 RPMs, accelerating to 19% faster than any other 300hp outboard, the performance of these three V6 engines resembles performance racing engines more efficient competition circuit.

All three engines share the capacity and technology, and require less time planing a stronger power curve, especially in low-and middle regimes, and greater acceleration.

Jun 03

Solar panel for boat

Solar panels are a good solution to navigate self-sufficiently, and so we always charged batteries.

It is also ideal if we stop listening to the annoying noise diesel generator, especially if you sail to sail, to be calm and forget the annoying noise of civilization.

In the market there are three types of solar panels are polycrystalline cells are similar to monocrystalline but his power and price are somewhat lower, these last are the most widely used and have a high performance level.

The panels with thin film cells are more flexible, and can tread without problems, but offer mitas power than polycrystalline, so we will need twice the area.

Jun 03

The use of underwater robots

Underwater robots are needed to see the state of our propeller, discover the underwater background, know how to unscrew our mooring, sightseeing submarine or down to check that the anchor is well caught.

These robots can work remotely and see underwater without diving underwater.

These underwater robots can drop to 50, 100 and 150 feet deep, or more, plus there are depths, where it is impossible to lose without danger deadly air toxicity, or decompression attacks narcosis.

Until recently the robots were used only for scientific research but are now accessible to any fan of nautical or sea as well as being very useful for onboard functions.

Jun 03

Decorating with synthetic teak

To take our boat a nice deck, a hot nice, elegant solariums steps to fly, we can cover them with synthetic teak and we can do it ourselves.

The first thing is to get the patterns for the parts we need, and once made ​​can stick them in the various locations of the vessel.

The cover must be clean and clear, we must also see that this degreased for the glue takes effect, if the place you want to mount the teak is irregular can give before a putty to make the surface completely smooth.

To get the patterns need a tough, elastic material such as brown wrapping paper and mark with more comfort if the pieces are too big we ask for help.

Jun 03

Repair or replace the boat’s propeller

Visit http://www.lasitlaser.com to find out more regarding laser engraving

Over time our boat propeller may fail, at some point the same trip over something and there will be a scratch or deformation on the blades so we’ll have to fix them.

Specialty stores will recommend replace them with new, but if we can get a repair workshop, and the price will depend on how damaged they are.

In some cases we have fitted a propeller that was not right for our boat, and perhaps did not reach full speed, and if this is the case we can think of change.

So get better performance, fuel economy and greater thrust, so we should think hard about whether to repair or not.

Jun 03


Allpa European distribution company has introduced an electronic device very interesting for our boat that behaves as an intelligent fuse and help keep alive our Battery Park.

The fuse acts as SmartFuse called against heavy cannabis and protects against deep discharge batteries, it detects when the voltage is too low or too high and off the circuit.

It can also be used as a miniature circuit breaker as a battery connector, so if a low voltage cut the SmartFuse leave to continue charging the battery until they have preset minimum level.

This is a device IP67 waterproof and has reverse polarity protection and has dimensions of 52x115x45 mm.

Jun 03

The batteries of the vessel

A website like www.richtingrijbewijs.nl will provide you with the highest quality in the industry.

Not all boat batteries are equal, we can find watertight, or gels, which if broken their corrosive acids not go abroad, and are the more expensive they are known as “deep cycle”.

These last are the type of discharge and charge cycles longer, but if we want to extend the battery life we must not allow this to discharge much.

Should be kept clean its terminals, since small leaks can occur due to external dirt around them, which can reach you damaged in long seasons.

The battery is essential as many of the devices of electric powered boat, as the engine starting, navigation lights, among others, so it is important to maintain the good condition of the battery.

Jun 03

NAIS-400 transponder

Introducing the new Simrad AIS called NAIS-400, this is an AIS transponder is fully integrated to be always visible while browsing.

The company also announced the release of the VHF antenna splitter NSLP-400, both tools integrate seamlessly with the range of multifunction displays, plotters and VHFs Lowrance, Simrad and B & G.

This new generation of Class B AIS transponder allows the rider to automatically share, regularly updating its position, so it is essential equipment for commercial navigation routes and busy ports.

Leif Ottosson, CEO of Navico, stressed that “the NAIS-400 is our most flexible and powerful AIS to date. Provides the best in communications and water safety and combined with our plotters, our range of radar and VHF units to help sailors to anticipate what awaits them at all times. “