Nov 28

Here’s 5 Most Beautiful Car of the Year 2012

corvettepartsandaccessories made a real revolution in the industry.

One key to the success of any car is its design. Even if the car is not too well-known brand, with the help of a good design, it can attract positive attention from the most scathing critics though. Focus on a car beauty is the main reason so many brands that invest millions of dollars in the design studio.

One of the most important steps towards the success of any project is to get the design right. Not pretentious but also should not be too bland, Today, designing a car is one of the toughest jobs in the automotive industry, it takes a certain skill and experience to make it. The hardest part in designing a vehicle is a major element such as aerodynamic balance with a modern design that pays homage to the original design language of the brand.

This year, we have seen some cars that have wowed the public with the beauty without sacrificing aerodynamics and brand image. Here are five cars that we think is the most beautiful car that was launched this year. (Topspeed)

Aston Martin Vanquish

This car is known as the successor of the Vanquish design Ian Callum, who featured in the James Bond film “Die Another Day,” some elements of its predecessor immediately recognized in the 2013 draft Vanquish Marek Reichman. For those who do not know who Reichman, he is the person responsible for the outstanding design of the One-77. Therefore, the design of One-77 also entered into this Vanquish, such as taillights and chrome garnish long through the door.

Although it is often criticized as an Aston Martin DB9 with a bit airscoop and horizontal lines, Vanquish looks very pretty and energetic, the characteristics of which are standard for every Aston Martin. remained loyal to three words attached to Aston Martin: Power, beauty and soul. Continue reading

Nov 28

Audi Make the World’s Most Economical Citycar

The German premium car manufacturer, Audi devising a compact vehicle that claimed later became citycar teririt in the world.

Reported Worldcarfans, Tuesday, November 27, 2012, they immediately boast, citycar racikannya will have fuel consumption of 235 mpg U.S. (99.9 km / liter). A fantastic figure.

“This car will use the Audi A1 platform that has been equipped with mild steel materials. With light weight fuel consumption must be very frugal,” says Head of Audi’s Technical Development, Wolfgang Durheimer told Autocar UK.

They also use traditional materials are very light for the interior as well as other components. Four-passenger car diesel engine that will be equipped with 1.0-liter 2-cylinder mated to an electric power.

This new Audi Citycar will be thrown into the market in the next 3 years. Curious? We wait.

Nov 28

Blue Bird Rejuvenate Fleet Unit And Adds Premium Silver Bird

Blue Bird Group (BBG) and PT Mercedes-Benz Indonesia will collaborate in rejuvenating one of a fleet of premium taxis Silver Bird. BBG rejuvenate the Mercedes-Benz E 200 and C 200 Classic.

Currently, Blue Bird Group has 240 unit Silver Bird Mercedes-Benz C Class, and the Blue Bird Group is ready to rejuvenate and add 400 units of Silver Bird. With 80 units of Mercedes-Benz C Class and 320 units of Mercedes-Benz E Class.

“This collaboration is very precise and highly optimized to provide the best service to the community. We started in 2007 with the C Class., And now we do the renovation and replacement of 80 units of C Class is ready to operate today, and in January 2013 as many as 320 units of E Class is ready to operate. Rejuvenation This will last for one year, with the rejuvenation of 40 units per month, “Said President Director of Blue Bird Group, dr. H. Purnomo Prawiro at Hotel Shangrila, Monday (26/11/2012).

Until now, Blue Bird Group has 900 unit Silver Bird, and will continue to grow to 1,200 units.

“We are also proud and grateful for the partnership with Blue Bird. For us, it is a proof of trust and good reception from customers Blue Bird on Mercedes-Benz,” said President Director of PT. Mercedes Benz Indonesia, Dr. Weidner.

“Our commitment is to always provide the best service to Blue Bird, by providing the fleet with high quality standards. Both in terms of safety, comfort, reliability, and value of care provided through the prestigious Mercedes-Benz E-Class and C Class,” he added.

New fleet of C 200 and E 200 Classic Classic provided to Blue Bird is equipped with BlueEFFICIENCY technology developed exclusively by Mercedes-Benz.

The feature of this type include the 1.8-liter engine with a power 184 hp and torque of 170 Nm, 7G Tronic, lighter weight, better aerodynamics, tires with low rolling resistance, as well as the application functionality ECO engine start / stop are packaged to reduce fuel consumption efficient.

Do not stop there, premium taxi fleet is also equipped with a GPS that can take passengers more quickly, free from flooding. Even the passengers were able to make a reservation at Taxi Mobile Reservation of Blue Bird.

“We hope this cooperation can always existed because we believe that this partnership will lead to sustained positive growth for Blue Bird and Mercedes-Benz Indonesia.” Said Weidner.

“Mercedes-Benz has a long history as a leading premium car manufacturer in the world. Through a partnership with Mercedes-Benz Indonesia, we believe this will be a major factor for us to satisfy customers. We hope this cooperation will be sustained, and most importantly, our loyal customers will feel pampered with excellent service from Silver Bird, “Purnomo lid.

Nov 28

Army Got a New Motor Fleet

Army has a new fleet to escort guests VIP aka super important. Motor Yamaha FJR selected was 1300. This motor will replace the aging fleet of motorcycles.

This motor will be used to escort the Head of State and guests of the Head of State level. A total of 20 units of Yamaha FJR 1300’s carried off by the army.

“We plan to launch the new units will be prioritized in the Region IX / Udayana, Bali because many receive visiting heads of foreign countries, in addition to the real conditions in which the motorcycle escort was there were too old,” said Army Chief of Staff Gen. Pramono Edhie Wibowo.

Yamaha FJR 1300 the Army selected with consideration of sophistication and great acceleration in the field, this motor uses inline 4-cylinder engine 1298 cc liquid-cooled electronic fuel injection-powered 145 hp and torque of 134.2 Nm, monoshock suspension and final drive using a coupling.

From some of the big bike showroom in Jakarta. Price varies Yamaha FJR 1300, approximately USD 395 million before tax. With a rough estimate of the price plus tax to be approximately USD 450 million.

“It’s still a regular spec, yes, if the spec army I do not know. But yes the baseball much different, but the addition of strobe same communication tools just right,” said Owner Michael Hobby Motor Sofyan.

Nov 07

Here’s Biggest Truck In The World

Biggest truck in the world is named Caterpillar 797F Mining Truck. This monster truck is operated at the mine to transport coal, rock or sand in large quantities. Truk weighs 456 kilograms, 6.4 meters high and 14.6 meters in length. It can be seen drawing comparisons with a Caterpillar truck SUV. It has an engine power up to 4 thousand horse power, can carry 300 tons of material and can run up to 67 kilometers per hour.

Nov 07

Yamaha YZF-R250 Prepare To Fight CBR 250R and Ninja 250

Milan – Competition manufacturers in motor sport 250 cc segment seems to be getting stronger. After Honda and Kawasaki means fun playing unopposed, Yamaha is now reportedly ready to give birth opponent for CBR250R and Ninja 250. This year is also the motor that will be named the YZF-R250 will be displayed.

Honda CBR250R and Kawasaki Ninja 250 in the last few years playing without a rival in the classroom full-fairing sport bike 250 cc engine. Meanwhile, Suzuki Inazuma play naked bike segment of the same engine.

Despite arriving late, Yamaha motorcycle market was like tasting a quarter liter counts continue to grow in developed countries.

According to the plan, the motor will be named Yamaha YZF-R250 will be exhibited at the EICMA Motorcycle Show to be held in Milan, Italy in the middle of this month.

Motor which has a code name ‘Project 1W’ with design inspiration from the Yamaha R6 is expected to shake up the market 250 cc CBR250R owned and Ninja 250. And just like the last two opponents, ABS versions may also be given as an option.

As for the heart, the kitchen runway this bike will likely be filled by a two-cylinder engine capable of producing about 35 bhp power and will be able to bring it to accelerate to 100 km / h in under 7 seconds.

competition more exciting, ninja 250 FI, CBR 250, Inazuma and also Yamaha

Nov 07

Give False Info Car Efficiency, Hyundai and Kia to Apologize

Fuel efficiency is the most highlighted recently. In addition to its environmental issues, at a more simple, because the price of fuel becomes more expensive, the cost of vehicles also increased.

Fuel efficiency is a very significant consideration for a large number of prospective buyers of new cars. Therefore, if you advertise that you have a car with a value of 40 mpg, you should make sure that it is correct or you will be subject to costly penalties.

The Environmental Protection Agency found the difference between the mileage they test themselves with mileage written on the sticker on the window of the car in Hyundai and Kia dealerships.

According to The Detroit News, this finding is the result of an investigation that began eight months ago when the EPA’s Ann Arbor laboratory test results to see the differences between what they do and the official numbers listed on the 2012 Hyundai Elantra.

Both automakers have apologized and offered to compensate nearly 900,000 customers who have purchased their vehicles since late 2010. It is a move that would cost millions of dollars and according to the EPA, it is very rare because since 2000, only two vehicles have different mileage: Dodge Ram 2001 with a difference of 1 mpg, and the 2012 BMW 328i with a 2 mpg difference.

This time most Hyundai models, such as the Elantra, Genesis, Azera, Accent and Veloster along with the Kia Sportage, Optima HEV, Rio and Sorento are included in the list.

“Consumers rely on the window sticker to help them get the information about the car they want to buy,” said Gina McCarthy, assistant administrator for EPA’s Office of Air and Radiation.

President and CEO of Hyundai Motor North America, John Krafcik apologized to the public: “Given the importance of fuel efficiency for all of us, we are very sorry about this mistake. We will fix it.”

“When we told the owner of Hyundai ‘We are always ready to help you,’ the word – the word is that we guarantee will not run away from responsibility,” Krafcik added. “We’re going to fix this for everyone and we will be more eager than ever to ensure that our vehicles will deliver fuel savings were outstanding.”

Similarly, the executive VP of marketing and communications of Kia Motors America, Michael Sprague stated that the company “deeply regret our error and apologize to all the owners of our products”.

The problem, said Krafcik, this is caused by a “procedural error” on the part of the company due to a change in methodology in 2010. President of Hyundai Motor America Technical Center, Sung Hwan Cho said that errors in testing “coastdown”, which simulate aerodynamic drag, drivetrain frictional losses and rolling resistance tires, is to blame for this distance difference.

This issue includes the 35% of assembled vehicles sold from 2011 to 2013 until October yesterday, or about 900,000 units. Approximately 580,000 of them, approximate mileage will drop 1 mpg, 240,000 and as much as 2 mpg for 80,000 remaining to reach 3 to 4 mpg.

Dealers will check the odometer car and count how many owners have to pay for fuel (based on fuel prices in the local area) with identical mileage with EPA findings.

Then Hyundai and Kia will add 15% of the total and send it via debit card to its owner, and they will continue to reimburse me for the customer has a vehicle. Vehicle owners who are also affected but have sold their cars will also receive reimbursement using the same method.

Sprague estimates that the number of owners who close to one million people, the company may spend tens of millions of dollars.

This issue will also reduce fuel consumption rating of the average car by 3%, although it will still be in the EPA regulations.

Nov 05

Egoist For Fans Nissan GT-R With High Art Taste

Nissan Motor Company (NMC) presents a variant of the top GT-R Egoist is when the media test drive at the Circuit Sugi Sports Land, Sendai, Japan yesterday (2/11). The price is 5 million yen (Rp 600 million) more expensive than the standard variant (Pure). Very besarya price difference specially made parts, made by skilled hands like Ferrari.

“For us Egoist variant interior design exclusively by specialized craftsmen dengankeahlian and using quality materials. All production process without the use of robots, is done by our experts,” said Kazutoshi Mizuno, Chief Vehicle Engineer and Chief Product Specialist at NMC provides an explanation to say, for consumers who want a GT-R Egoist had to be patient to wait several months. Because the production is carried out after obtaining orders of Nissan.

In addition to the cabin, the view outside is also given a special identity. Among other things, six bolt rims, rear wing design is more rigid and attached logo Egoist under the GT-R emblem, near the rear lights. Exhaust is also different, using model 2 holes with a slightly larger size and made of titanium.

“We provide this variant for the GT-R fans that have high artistic soul. Addition to tremendous energy, luxury image is shown through an exclusive cabin,” said Mizuno.

Nov 05

Nissan GT-R ‘Fast And The Furious’ sale

Nissan Skyline GT-R R34 is used by actor Paul Walker who played Brian O’Conner.

Cars made in 1999, is reportedly going to be sold with the tag of 75 thousand U.S. dollars (722 million rupiah). Site displaying ads car commercials coded Car # 25 is.

Universal Studios as a film production house built four Skyline cars specifically for the film. And the cars were sold this is one of them, as quoted by Motor Authority.

Although only used as a filming properties, Skyline GT-R is still a car legal and official letters.

interest to Buy ?

Nov 04

F1 Car Driving Without Having to Leave Home

For you fans of Formula 1 or F1 must have dreamed of driving a super fast race cars on the track circuit.

Now your dream can become a reality with the presence of F1 simulators are designed similar to a real F1 car.

F1 simulator is designed as closely as possible to the original F1 racing car. Complete with carbon fiber and aluminum materials, and a combination of your favorite F1 team colors chosen by the customer. Although it will not work in the way, the simulator is still equipped with four tires Pirelli F1 and the choice AP Racing or Brembo brakes.

Reported DailyMail, to deliver real F1 racing simulation, the front wheel of the simulator is equipped with three LCD screens, each measuring 23 inches equipped with speakers.

Racing simulation shown was supported power Intel Core i7 processor, the Intel SSD hard drive, and a wireless keyboard and mouse.

“The car simulator can be termed as a toy for adults. Besides having a beautiful design like a real F1 car, the simulator can also be used by professional drivers to improve driving skills and techniques,” said Simon Harvey, Group Chief Executive of FMCG International Ltd , which is the manufacturer of the car simulator.

If interested have the advanced simulator at home, buyers can order the color scheme first car body and alloy desired. Once produced, the car will be immediately sent to the buyer’s home in 12 to 18 weeks.

“This simulator technicians will be assembled directly on the home buyers. Having finished, the buyer can feel the sensation of the actual, F1 racing without leaving the comfort of their own homes,” said Harvey.

F1 simulator car is sold with prices are not cheap, which is 90 thousand pounds or approximately Rp 1, 4 billion.