Jun 03

Security elements when navigating

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when sail we must always consider to take with us on our boat safety elements are mandatory and must always double check before asking them to sea.

If you’re not aware of them, know that there are different categories of navigation.

These different kinds of navigation are: A – GREAT HEIGHT (unlimited browsing), B – HEIGHT navigation (up to 30 miles from a “coat”), C – COASTAL navigation (up to 30 miles from a “coat “), D – LOCAL (sailing in sheltered waters such as estuaries and bays, no more than two miles away from home port).

Today we bring the required elements for the navigation category of type A:

Liferafts, with capacity for all persons on board.
2 lifebuoys, 1 lanyard-27, 5 m. floating rope floating light automatically.
Life jackets, one per person, plus 10%.
Media bilge, 2 pumps, one driven by the main motor and an independent with minimum flow of 1,800 L / H.
6 hand flares.
6 red parachute rockets.
Two buoyant smoke signals.
Extinguishers, according length and power.
Two fire buckets with lanyard.
1 Beacon with 406 MHz frequency.

Jun 03

The importance of bilge pump

We can say that the bilge is a very important emergency system when navigating, since it may depend our lives and our boat, because its aim to extract more water from entering a path.

It is vital as it is very important to make the water inside our boat and stop in to keep the ship afloat, all bilge system must have mechanical or electrical pumps, whether automatic or not.

It also should include easy installation, equipped with manually operated pumps in case there might be a mechanical or electrical failure, which we should not forget is to have a manual bilge pump and portable.

It uses a simple, use its flexible rubber bottom and take it to the area where the water, there must be action button engine start the pump and let it do its job, yes, we must be mindful that the water pump does not end as it could burn.

Jun 03

Yacht Controller

The Yacht Controller is a remote control system for boats that have electronic controls, this device allows us to control all basic functions of the ship on the move from the site when we have better visibility and comfort.

When enabled allows us total freedom to move aboard, the handle is ergonomic and can be used with one hand, and allows us to control the boat without having to be “anchored” in the command post.

With the Yacht Controller is no longer necessary to wait for someone to join us to get the boat mooring or having guests willing to work but with very little experience that often hinder rather than help.

To leave the port only need to cast off, and that at all times we can control the functions of engine and bow thruster, and avoid dejection, and when we can accommodate the mooring ropes, fenders removed, go to the gas station and wait turn; without yelling, stress, and with the confidence to take control of the boat in our hands.

Jun 03

Types of anchors: the growl

Anchoring is a more complicated task than you think, so you have to take very seriously this maneuver, and we’re not just talking about throwing a chain and anchor to the seabed.

We must also be aware of the risks or personal shocks that can produce finished our boat against the rocks.

There are a variety of anchors, the grapnel talk now, this type of anchor’s main characteristic is their long arms ending in triangular point known as nails.

The grapnel, usually has four arms, but we can find three models, this anchor is ideal for anchoring in areas of algae, because of his long arms and claws that slip between the branches of the algae.

Jun 03

The importance of navigation lights

An essential element when navigating in our boat are navigation lights, which are responsible for locating a boat at night and advised of the possibility of a collision.

If night sail we must maintain constant vigilance around us due to the presence of other vessels.

On the roads we travel as channels or ports and in the vicinity of steps required must be certain that the navigation lights are working properly, you should have some spare in case they fail.

It is important to have navigation lights if they fail to respect the regulations, these regulations and replace the battery powered.

Jun 03

How to choose the outboard motor for our boat

To choose the outboard motor of our boat, we must take into account the full range of brands that exist in addition to the different strengths and types, not just observe the catalogs.

Navigation experts say the best way to buy an engine is in the retail store, as they have effective customer service and have authorized service.

It is now common to find several nautical shops have several brands, and each time is more supply in which we can choose, keeping in mind that the boat is functioning optimally in a moderate range of powers.

Currently there are two kinds of outboard motors are the 4-stroke and 2 to direct fuel injection, the latter may be a carburetor or electronic injection indirectly.

Jun 03

Take advantage of technology

If our boat count with the latest technology are listed below most advanced gadgets that we can install on the boat to navigate safely.

You have to get all the juice to the electronics installed, no need to be late model, because although they are old have NMEA 0183, compatible with most modern equipment.

Always have known branded devices, like a laptop HP, Lenovo (IBM), sony or the like, an HP, a tablet IPad or Samsung and so on.

Always have people specializing in technology, we must not let little skilled hands touch our devices, and connect the computers when we know that’s what we did, ie through which the wires, colors and connections.

Jun 03

Navico Broadband 4G

Som af bredbånd bekymringer er kommunikation, så bredbåndsnet er den største grund til at skifte til bredbånd. Bredbåndsnet er dybest set indebærer af multi-media, multi-point og multi-rate. Sammenlign bredbånd priser Multi-punkt opkald til gengæld består af opsætningen af forbindelser mellem den af mere end to personer, og disse forbindelser kan enten være en måde eller to vejs kommunikation.

We present the Navico Broadband 4G, this device is innovation through performance that facilitate the management of this type of equipment in recreational boating.

This device allows separation control objectives, beam focusing and supports dual radar transformation scale and high-speed rotation.

It has a separate control objectives hitherto could only activated screens of Simrad NSE, we can adjust the desired degree of separation between the objectives depending on our needs.

Furthermore, when working with the screen NSE show us radar dual combinations scale through a single radar antenna, it also offers a double scale 60 meters to 36 miles.

Jun 03

LED bulbs for boats

LED bulbs are manufactured in flat format, these are highly efficient and are ideal for replacing incandescent bulbs used for years on boats, it is noteworthy that these LED bulbs have a high light output.

These bulbs have a color LED white light similar to the fluorescent tubes, but there are some models with a lower color temperature, and therefore hot.

These are ideal for illuminating the interiors of ships, that if is important to find the right bulb for every application, as there are some that light at 360 degrees, which are ideal for anchor light.

There are others that are more appropriate candles for lighting and masthead light, and other light only 120 degrees, there are also green and red to be used directly without plastic filter as navigation lights.

Jun 03

Glasses for water sports

If you like water sports we consider to be well equipped, so it is important to have adequate sunglasses, they can be graded 2012, which will find a variety at Mister Spex.

These are special glasses for water sports that are responsible for protecting the eye from ultraviolet radiation without neglecting its main functionality.

There are models for different activities, such as Puma, is that they are ideal for surfing, Oakley sunglasses are ideal for water sports.

If we wish to make a boat, we recommend sunglasses ray-ban clubmaster, with different mounts and different crystals, these are my stylishly elegant to navigate.