Nov 28

Features ABS On Motor Will Required In Europe

Features Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS) is likely to become a standard for motors in the future. The European Parliament had already agreed to it. They support a rule requiring ABS is on motors that circulate in the blue continent began in 2016.

The rules were approved by the 643 members of the European Parliament and the other 16 members opposed and 18 abstentions. By doing so, the rule would not apply but still must be approved by each member of the European Union.

Arrival of the rules that apply to motorcycles above 125 cc is expected to affect many motorcycle manufacturers in the world to immediately apply the ABS on their bikes. While the rules for motorcycle engined underneath expected to be completed by 2019 to come.

One motor manufacturer, BMW, has said it will make the ABS as standard for all motors starting in 2013.

Besides the issue of ABS, the European Parliament also agreed to extend the Euro4 emission standards on new motorcycles in 2016 and Euro5 in 2020.

Currently, motorcycles in Europe are still many who apply Euro3 emission standards.

Other rules discussed in the European Parliament is a limitation of the engine power. European Parliament hopes motors that operate on public roads only have a maximum power up to 100 hp. To date, only France is the only country that uses such restrictions.

Another rule that is discussed is an obligation to implement the system automatically turns on the lights when the engine is turned on. In addition, the European Parliament also hoped that in the future all of the motor also apply the system on-board diagnostics for monitoring systems to monitor the damage and provide emissions data.

Nov 04

This is the ‘Iron Horse’ Most Expensive JMCS

I wonder what the most expensive bike that was on display at the Jakarta Motorcycle Show (JMCS) 2012 today? Most likely is the motor on this one. It cost more than Rp 600 million. Motor what is it?

Motor is not from Europe, Japan, but from the United States. Motor was none other than Arlen Ness Victory Vision Tour orange which cost Rp 595 million off the road in Jakarta.

To get the official papers have to pocket Rp 35 million, the price reached Rp 630 million.

The motors are imported directly from the United States was on display at the booth in the main lobby Victory Jakarta Convention Center (JCC) Senayan, Jakarta.

As information, Arlen Ness Victory Vision Tour is a series of the 67. In the world, the new motors manufactured several hundred units.

“It’s a to-67 production, and in the world only a few hundred units,” said Indonesia’s representative Victory Victory booth in Senayan.

Well, even though the price is affordable impossible, Arlen Ness Victory Vision Tour was already taken. “People who buy baseball fearful price,” he continued.

Arlen Ness Victory Vision Tour a cruiser that has a length of 2702 mm. Motor weighs about 387 kg were used engine 1,700 cc V-twin with a 6 speed. Intake using the Fuel Injection System.

Motor braking system is reinforced with Anti-lock Braking System (ABS).

The sensation of driving more steady with 16-inch rims on the front, and 18-inch rims at the rear. Front rim wrapped in Dunlop tires measuring 130/70, and the rear tires Dunlop 180/60.

the velg mated with telescopic suspension and rear suspension mono-tube, cast aluminum with constant-rate linkage, air adjustable.

More expensive motorcycles are the BMW F 800 GS and R 1200 GS legend Adventure.

“For the F 800 GS, cost about $ 500 million. If R 1200 GS approximately Rp 600 million,” said a salesman at the BMW stand.

From the booth Suzuki Hayabusa motorcycle was sold for Rp 350 million, as well as GSR 750, was sold for Rp 210 million.