Dec 14

How important are motorcycle saddlebags

Over the years, there have been a growing number of people who use bikes as their primary mode of transportation. With the increase in gas prices more and more companies are opting for an alternative mode of transportation that is economical. The current trend shows that more people are opting for motorcycles as a mode of transport. Motorcycles are more fuel efficient vehicles like the other cars. The downside to the bike is that your family would not be able to fit in. but the bikes are always less expensive to maintain and are faster too. Besides that, we can not deny the fact that when you drive it makes you look like you sliding. You can enjoy the scenery without having to roll the windows down. It is fun to ride a bike.

Some of the most popular brands of motorcycles, Suzuki, Yamaha, Honda, BMW, Kawasaki, Harley Davidson. Each brand has its own styles with good prices and the distinguishing features of motorcycles.

Many bikers after buying a bike to decorate their bikes or they want to get accessories luggage. It is obvious that two wheels of the vehicle can not be fitted with large metal boxes because it is difficult for the driver to maintain balance and increase speed. Despite the fact that motorcycles can not carry luggage over four-wheeled vehicles, the use of this vehicle is great for entertainment, sports and special tours. Besides, there was a significant increase in people who use these bikes as a source of travel. To this end, the most important accessory of motorcycle saddlebags. According bikers many bags are useful for decoration and they are a good source of storage too. Some advantages of saddlebags.

1) Now a day bags are manufactured with advanced techniques that are stylish, very good especially designed and they have a good storage capacity. The bags are made to carry heavy loads. They are a good source of transporting heavy luggage.

2) Due to the good quality of leather used in the risk of sagging bags bags reduced. The aerodynamic characteristics of bags give you a better rate when you’re on a motorcycle. The bags are modern lighter in weight.

3) Another important advantage of the saddlebags is that there is a wide variety of bags with different sizes and designs. Bags with various pockets and compartments you provide ease in organizing your useful things that you require during a long journey.

4) In addition, the bags makes your bike more elegant and beautiful.

Nov 07

This Electric Motor Priced at Rp 200 Million

TDR International, a well-known product with some performance parts introduced High Perfomance Electric Motorcycles in 2012 JMCS yesterday.

“The motors are both high-performance and environmentally friendly,” go to Teddy Hartono, Managing Director of TDR International. The electric motor is the result of collaboration with the Zero Motorcycle TDR International which is an American motorcycle manufacturer.

This motor will be assembled in Southeast Asia and is marketed for the Asia Pacific region. As consideration assembly site states there are 3 options, Thailand, Vietnam, or Indonesia. “Depending on market conditions and incentives that apply in the countries of Southeast Asia,” said Teddy.

With a battery power source Z-Force patented Li-Ion intelligent power pack connected with double-stator axial flux permanent magnet air-cooled, this bike is capable of speeds up to 150 km / h. In these conditions fully charged battery can travel a distance of up to 220 km.

“In general, urban stop and go, the distance could be farther,” sure Teddy. For normal charging can be 5 to 6 hours, while using a quick charger time approximately 1 hour to fill 95 percent of the battery, he added.

The plan of this bike will be launched sometime in March 2013, with a selling price of approximately Rp 200 million, and for bookings can be done from now on.