Mar 12

Carnival Corporation responsible for two new luxury cruisers

Travel in luxury cruises are popular. Increasingly, people who, around the world, decide to spend the holiday on Board of one of these spectacular boats. For this reason, companies devoted many efforts to keep their fleets updated and built new ships to meet the growing demand.
Italian shipyards

This is the case of Carnival Corporation, which has announced an agreement with the Italian shipyards of Fincantieri for the construction of two new vessels for Holland America and Carnival Cruises.

the first carnival_corporation_plcEl of them would be delivered in the fall of 2015 the company Holland America and would be a 99,000-tonne ship, with capacity for 2,660 passengers. Holland America has since 2010 not opening any vessel, in fact the Nieuw Amsterdam was the last to join the company’s fleet.

The other boat will go to the company Carnival Cruises and is expected to be delivered by the end of 2016. This new vessel, more than 135,000 tonnes and with capacity for up to 4,000 passengers, will come after the Carnival Breeze has opened in 2012.
Fleet of 100 boats

Carnival Corporation is committed to introducing two to three boats per year. It is expected to add 2 in 2013, 2 in 2014, 3 in 2015 and, at the moment, 2 in 2016, in any of the 10 companies that make up the Corporation.

Today Carnival Corporation is the world’s largest cruise group. It consists of 10 shipping companies that add up to 100 ships among them and operate on all continents.

Mar 12

Najad 505, a sailboat for long journeys in family

Najad 505 is a yacht of luxury of 15 metres in length manufactured in Sweden, designed to enjoy in long journeys accompanied by family or friends. Maximum performance of navigation and comfort and luxury to passengers, its main characteristics.

Very safe

The boat has been designed to guarantee stability in all weather conditions. It is a very safe, easy-to-drive boat and maneuvers are carried out quickly and smooth.

The central tub designed for long cruises cruise due to its imposing elevation. The entire roof is covered with teak, bringing warmth and manor.

Najad 505 include the tapestries and pieces padded in leather and suede. The spacious central lounge offers a great space for rest and recreation presided over by a stunning folding dining table.

The kitchen located in the aft port is equipped with all luxury of details, and include refrigerator, microwave, sink two batteries and a practical two-burner oven.

Luxurious and spacious suites

The shipowner’s suite is located on the back. This cabin is complemented by a full en suite bathroom with shower and all imaginable amenities on a cruise of luxury with these characteristics. In addition, it has two cabins more for guests. Both designs are also equipped with a full bathroom.

Motorization is typical of a vessel of its kind since its 110 horsepower offered an average of 340 miles autonomy. The price of this spectacular sailing around 750,000 euros.