Nov 05

Egoist For Fans Nissan GT-R With High Art Taste

Nissan Motor Company (NMC) presents a variant of the top GT-R Egoist is when the media test drive at the Circuit Sugi Sports Land, Sendai, Japan yesterday (2/11). The price is 5 million yen (Rp 600 million) more expensive than the standard variant (Pure). Very besarya price difference specially made parts, made by skilled hands like Ferrari.

“For us Egoist variant interior design exclusively by specialized craftsmen dengankeahlian and using quality materials. All production process without the use of robots, is done by our experts,” said Kazutoshi Mizuno, Chief Vehicle Engineer and Chief Product Specialist at NMC provides an explanation to say, for consumers who want a GT-R Egoist had to be patient to wait several months. Because the production is carried out after obtaining orders of Nissan.

In addition to the cabin, the view outside is also given a special identity. Among other things, six bolt rims, rear wing design is more rigid and attached logo Egoist under the GT-R emblem, near the rear lights. Exhaust is also different, using model 2 holes with a slightly larger size and made of titanium.

“We provide this variant for the GT-R fans that have high artistic soul. Addition to tremendous energy, luxury image is shown through an exclusive cabin,” said Mizuno.

Nov 05

Nissan GT-R ‘Fast And The Furious’ sale

Nissan Skyline GT-R R34 is used by actor Paul Walker who played Brian O’Conner.

Cars made in 1999, is reportedly going to be sold with the tag of 75 thousand U.S. dollars (722 million rupiah). Site displaying ads car commercials coded Car # 25 is.

Universal Studios as a film production house built four Skyline cars specifically for the film. And the cars were sold this is one of them, as quoted by Motor Authority.

Although only used as a filming properties, Skyline GT-R is still a car legal and official letters.

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Nov 05

Baby M Series Coupe RS, With Engine V8 600 hp

The house special modifications to the German BMW, G-Power has successfully given birth to ‘Baby M Series’ strong performance. With the recent work HURRICANE RS BMW G1 V8 sedan models use variants of the BMW 1 M Coupe which is the smallest variant M Series.

It has been previously reported that this variant, the G-Power cardiac pacemaker implant process is the older sister BMW M3 E92 which uses a V8 engine capacity of 4.0 liters. But not only the engine, but at the same 7 speed automatic transmission system DCT double-clutch, stainless steel exhaust system and front-rear drive shaft owned BMW M3.

For the G-Power adds ASA supercharger and air ducts of aluminum. So that the power generated can now achieve 600 hp with peak torque of 580 Nm.

Nov 04

F1 Car Driving Without Having to Leave Home

For you fans of Formula 1 or F1 must have dreamed of driving a super fast race cars on the track circuit.

Now your dream can become a reality with the presence of F1 simulators are designed similar to a real F1 car.

F1 simulator is designed as closely as possible to the original F1 racing car. Complete with carbon fiber and aluminum materials, and a combination of your favorite F1 team colors chosen by the customer. Although it will not work in the way, the simulator is still equipped with four tires Pirelli F1 and the choice AP Racing or Brembo brakes.

Reported DailyMail, to deliver real F1 racing simulation, the front wheel of the simulator is equipped with three LCD screens, each measuring 23 inches equipped with speakers.

Racing simulation shown was supported power Intel Core i7 processor, the Intel SSD hard drive, and a wireless keyboard and mouse.

“The car simulator can be termed as a toy for adults. Besides having a beautiful design like a real F1 car, the simulator can also be used by professional drivers to improve driving skills and techniques,” said Simon Harvey, Group Chief Executive of FMCG International Ltd , which is the manufacturer of the car simulator.

If interested have the advanced simulator at home, buyers can order the color scheme first car body and alloy desired. Once produced, the car will be immediately sent to the buyer’s home in 12 to 18 weeks.

“This simulator technicians will be assembled directly on the home buyers. Having finished, the buyer can feel the sensation of the actual, F1 racing without leaving the comfort of their own homes,” said Harvey.

F1 simulator car is sold with prices are not cheap, which is 90 thousand pounds or approximately Rp 1, 4 billion.

Nov 04

Luxury Taxi ala Jeddah

As a trading city and major port in Saudi Arabia, Jeddah, including pains in the affairs of public transport. You can only rely on taxis to move and travel around the city.

Express Transportation is a buffalo taxi cab service which has been the choice for both small, and large companies for meetings, events and for Buffalo airport transportation service. We offer online reservations, and accepts all major credit cards. We also have a senior and military discount transportation service, coupons, and many programs designed to support the special needs of our communities, businesses and organizations.

It interestingly, the car used as a taxi is a luxury car belonging in Indonesia, such as the Toyota All New Camry and the Hyundai Sonata. All units are white taxi, of course, have been equipped with the meter, but no two-way pagers and driver identification card,

The metered it was never used. You should first negotiate the rate with the driver. But it is not easy if you do not master the Arabic language, mostly foreign tourists used way is to use the language of Tarzan, which relies on the body gestures for communication.

When asked to use the meter, the driver tried to convince her that no meter rates are cheaper.

Another great feature in this port city was dark taxi. Do not be alarmed if while walking on the sidewalk suddenly there was a car that went out of the way, it was a dark taxi.

If lucky, taxi over to the dark is a new luxury car in conditions such as Ford Crown Victoria or a GMC Yukon XL. But it could be the opposite, battered car minus AC.

Nov 04

This is the ‘Iron Horse’ Most Expensive JMCS

I wonder what the most expensive bike that was on display at the Jakarta Motorcycle Show (JMCS) 2012 today? Most likely is the motor on this one. It cost more than Rp 600 million. Motor what is it?

Motor is not from Europe, Japan, but from the United States. Motor was none other than Arlen Ness Victory Vision Tour orange which cost Rp 595 million off the road in Jakarta.

To get the official papers have to pocket Rp 35 million, the price reached Rp 630 million.

The motors are imported directly from the United States was on display at the booth in the main lobby Victory Jakarta Convention Center (JCC) Senayan, Jakarta.

As information, Arlen Ness Victory Vision Tour is a series of the 67. In the world, the new motors manufactured several hundred units.

“It’s a to-67 production, and in the world only a few hundred units,” said Indonesia’s representative Victory Victory booth in Senayan.

Well, even though the price is affordable impossible, Arlen Ness Victory Vision Tour was already taken. “People who buy baseball fearful price,” he continued.

Arlen Ness Victory Vision Tour a cruiser that has a length of 2702 mm. Motor weighs about 387 kg were used engine 1,700 cc V-twin with a 6 speed. Intake using the Fuel Injection System.

Motor braking system is reinforced with Anti-lock Braking System (ABS).

The sensation of driving more steady with 16-inch rims on the front, and 18-inch rims at the rear. Front rim wrapped in Dunlop tires measuring 130/70, and the rear tires Dunlop 180/60.

the velg mated with telescopic suspension and rear suspension mono-tube, cast aluminum with constant-rate linkage, air adjustable.

More expensive motorcycles are the BMW F 800 GS and R 1200 GS legend Adventure.

“For the F 800 GS, cost about $ 500 million. If R 1200 GS approximately Rp 600 million,” said a salesman at the BMW stand.

From the booth Suzuki Hayabusa motorcycle was sold for Rp 350 million, as well as GSR 750, was sold for Rp 210 million.

Nov 04

Mazda RX-7 Will Rise Back Year 2017

There’s some exciting news for fans of heavy Mazda RX-7. Rotary-powered sports sedan that will re-enliven the legendary sports car market in 2017, as the successor generation of the RX-8 is no longer manufactured. The news was delivered by the Head of Sport Mazda Nobuhiro Yamamoto.

“Resurrection RX-7 will coincide with the 50th anniversary of the launch of Mazda’s first rotary engine (Wankel),” he said Yamamoto told The Motor Report (TMR) at the launch of Mazda MX facelift, recently.

Rumors, the weight of the RX-7 will be lighter, simpler, and more emphasis on engaging the driver in controlling the car.

16X rotary engine (1.6 liters), which will be the heart of driving the RX-7 has a power 300 hp and currently in testing. “But, at this time has not been determined. Probably, will be used turbo or it may not,” said Yamamoto.

Nov 04

Subaru Forester 2014 Will Present At LA Auto Show

Ahead debut at Los Angeles Auto Show, Subaru Forester 2014 started disclosed to the public.

Subaru Forester 4th generation will have two engine options. The first is a 4-cylinder boxer engine that has a capacity of 2.5 liter 170 hp power and 236 Nm of torque and is equipped with a 6 speed manual transmission or a CVT transmission. The second is a 4-cylinder boxer engine 2.0-liter that originally contained the Subaru BRZ has been equipped with a turbocharger that has a power 250 hp and 349 Nm of torque and is available with a 6 speed manual transmission or a CVT transmission.

2014 Forester is also the larger dimensions, the LxWxH (4595 mm x 1695 mm x 1795 mm) and wheelbase of 2640 mm. The 2.5-liter version will use a 17-inch alloy wheels, while the 2.0-liter turbo models will use 18-inch alloy wheels.

Possible Further details about this will be released Subaru Forester at the LA Auto Show.